Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust

There are no words
There are no colors
My page is blank
My canvas has no palette

When they go low,
we go high – Michelle said.
How? Please tell us how
to move forward, to ascend

Most hands are tied behind their back
Most lips are stitched and zipped
We feel shackles in our ankles
We see menacing noose close to our necks

What is this place
of disarray, divide, disunity?
Where is this era
of anger, restlessness, vanity?

Helpless we feel as citizens
Restless we feel as humans
Worthless we feel as men and women
Hopeless I feel as an American!

These are uncertain times
Of democracy diminished
Of truths alternative
Our liberties in ashes

Phoenix -
We are in desperation
as we hang in suspension
Anxiously, we await your resurrection!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March Slogans - January 21st, 2017

Women’s rights is Human rights
Resistance is not futile
We are the resistance 

Keep your rosaries off my ovaries
I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change,
I’m changing the things I cannot accept.
Keep your laws off my body
Separation of church and State keeps the peace
My rights are not up for grabs
We grab back
If my Uterus fired bullets, the G.O.P. would fund it
Feminism is about mutual respect 

Men of Quality don’t fear Equality
Men of quality respect women’s Equality
Black lives matter
Climate change is real
Facts matter
Science is real
Immigrants make America Great
Hate won’t make America great
No Human is illegal 

Welcome home Syrian refugees
Compassion is not weakness
We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back
Have FUNdamental human rights
We’re not sore losers, we’re informed citizens
Water is Life, Gender is Fluid
Love is Love
Love is love. Cannot be killed or swept aside
This isn’t Anti-anything. This is PRO human rights 

When they go low, we go high
Be civil
Be kind
They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds
The universe is on the side of justice, if you’re not, step aside
Liberty and justice for ALL
United we stand, Divided we fall
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
Silence helps the tormentor never the victim 

Strong women Know them, Be them, Raise them
Well behaved women seldom make history
Time for more women to be In Charge

Girl Power! 

This is what democracy looks like!


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Between Us

As we sit on our daily couch
There is no space, only love
Between us.

Our hands reach across the empty seat
Our fingers mingle, weave as they meet
The empty space that sits alone
Was not always empty, as if a hole

                    Between us,
Our cherished children once squeezed the space
Huddled in a warm embrace
Cuddled and connected our warm bodies
Inserted their innocence as we sat cozy.

First one flew out from her nest
There was then our next best
Warm and fuzzy Jazz warmed the seat
Connected our every heart beat

And now that he is no more
All we have left is folklore

                  Between us

An empty seat no one to dote
Only the multitudes of TV remotes
Across the mountains of devices
I feel your breath and hear your heart pulsate.

Between us
there is no space, only love and heartbeat
as our hands reach across the empty seat.