Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Hungry Caterpillar

That elusive moment when entities in a reaction convert, the big transformation that may make us thinking that we are neither here nor there. Perhaps it’s that pinnacle moment that allows us to savor, take stock, and enjoy the view. Transitions are never easy and the only thing that helps us through it is perspective.

I used to think life is linear, you are born, you grow up, have a family, have a career, grow old, and life ends. On our memorials or tombstones we have our birth date to death date with a straight line between them. The dash in the middle is life, but now I know that it’s in no way straight. In fact, if it is linear for anyone, then it’s a life unlived.
The dash of life is fleeting as days turn into weeks into months, years, decades and even a century. Time takes over and adds twists, bends, climbs and descents with many alterations at each turn and major transfiguration at some points. Time is fleeting only when we keep moving with momentum to guide us, force to nudge us, inertia to stabilize us and without these, the lull stops all clocks and time drags through a sluggish path.
When we climb we may get sweaty or wrestle our way up, but we lean forward with each step to find that balance. The descent may be fast and furious for which we lean back to stay mindful. A soft bend or sudden turn puts us off balance and we lean sideways to center our core. Some call this laws of physics with force and inertia jerking us around, I call it our mettle, our ability to stay grounded by centering and focusing on our core. The push and pull, the tug up or down continues throughout the dash of life and we lean in or out, up or down, front or back to find our poise.
Transitions are hard, they are testy and if you transgress, lose the inertia during the sharp bends then the fall is hard and steep and even shattering.  Awareness allows a silkier ride, recognizing that change is growth, bends are new perspective, climbs are an opportunity to reach a peak, to savor a pinnacle moment.
Life’s undesirable or enigmatic events are not crisis, but transitions, transformations, opportunities for metamorphosis that allows the dash of our years in human form to have meaning and create a legacy.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Week Ago

Jazz, a week ago you were in my arms
Now you are in the grand cosmos.
Last week you were suffering
The pain for you is no more 

Pain in my heart persists
In life for me as it now exists
We brought your ashes home
But still, I feel so alone 

Watching from the rainbow bridge
You’re wagging down to us,
Happy with no more walks in rain
Relieved at no more pain 

I hear your snores at night
Or while cooking I think you might
Come around the corner to beg
For a morsel, a crumb, a slice of bread 

Jazz, a week ago we said goodbye
But why is it so hard to let you go?
Please give me your mighty might
To face this life’s hardest fight.

Friday, March 4, 2016

JAZZ Forever

Blossoms and chirps
tulips and blooms
ashes, dust and earth
‘tis the season for rebirth 

fragrant flowers arise
nothing will ever demise
from ashes, dust or earth
all rise, even from the hearth 

spring back into life he must
return in any form, or energy burst
we are connected in the beyond
in cosmos, ocean or any land 

this is not goodbye
it will never be
return to me he must
as raindrop or even a wind gust! 

our limited vision cannot see
he’ll always remain with me
a fragment, spark or speck
fused in my element forever and ever and ever...