Saturday, August 24, 2013


Colorful medley
or solid peacock blue,
in a sea of blacks and grays

Flavorful fusion
or touch of zing
in lonesome bland, boiled or stewed

Tingling, smokey skewers
or simply seasoned hotdish,
wafting wholesome, comforting muse

Cacophony of car horns, hawker squawks
or early morning serenade
of chirping birds

cottony texture on hot, sweaty arms
or woolly gloved warmth
for those freezing palms

a colorful mix
a blend of senses
over exercised or completely rested
neon yellow blended in chaos
blood red jacket dotting fresh snow
standing tall next to black, grays and browns

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Road Well Travelled

I see a path before me
Well-travelled and snow trodden,
Snow banks high as night
Curves lay the road ahead hidden

It is a road well-travelled
That I stand to take,
The way many have chosen,
Hard decision for me to make;

There are smaller paths
Off on the sides through snow,
Few have trudged on them before,
Through shortcuts they must know,

I look at the road just travelled,
My footprints trailing in snow,
The journey was long and hard,
Legacy dictates where I must go!

I see the path before me,
Ready to travel on,
I put one foot ahead of me,
Step by step spring along.

It is on a road well-travelled
That I have chosen to take,
My discovery is my own,
With all the turns I will make.