Friday, December 11, 2015


What is normal?
We strive for it all our lives and stray from it when it’s there. Like a wave it comes and goes and we desire and deter its oscillating presence in our lives as a constant.
It’s our desires we run after, desire to move forward, to take great leaps, to climb higher, to return to earth, to find satisfaction and a full circle back, our desire to be normal. It’s a continuous motion as the proverbial wheel of time.
With normal we define boredom, so we strive for change and excitement. Sometimes it’s our own doing or nature takes charge and throws the curve ball in our direction changing our normal to an undesirable state. As if getting stuck with lemons which we can either let turn sour, wither and rot relying on the so called destiny, or we can find a way to make orange juice. It’s all in our hands, as Lawrence of Arabia declared, “Nothing is written.”
Nothing happens for a reason. It just happens and when it happens, we aspire to change, so we can find for normalcy.
Life takes its turns with bends, curves, hills and U-turns. Like a garden it flourishes or dies, grows new and deeper roots, blooms and sheds, living by the seasons. Normal is what we see and define with our own sense of what we think is normal. A flower blooming in fall and trees shedding leaves in spring may not be normal for us, but this is how we choose to define it.  Change hemispheres and perspective, suddenly normal seasons become different. It’s how we interpret and define normal, what we as individual being part of a society define normal.
Normal is what it is, in the eye of its beholder and somewhat skewed by the society that eye belongs to. We are all born normal, only depends from what perspective one identifies it to call it otherwise.