Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Shovels dug into earth
gravel and sand excavated
ground levelled and firmed
foundation is laid
following the design
pillars erected
connected in all direction
rooms are segmented

skeletal frame silhouettes
against the sinking sun
long shadows cast
upon the receding land

skeleton morphs to walls
fragmenting each space
levels are determined
as a house takes shape

as one nears completion
another prepares to rise
as this house becomes a home
more skeletons materialize

all land beneath these structures
disappear in submission
hidden from sun and sky
to escape their derision

a shameful task of our land
succumbed to a new need
driven off creatures from habitat,
left is only human greed

these skeletal structures
standing tall against wide horizon
unashamed of their numbers
wild flowers, now just an illusion

sod is set to add the green
so all will be manicured
beauty as we know it
forever obscured

today wooden skeletons above this terrain for a hearth,
tomorrow our skeletons merged with displaced creatures, beneath the earth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's a Blue Day - 2 Poems

A Blue Day

Blue Jay tormenting a squirrel
Blue beagle chasing rabbits
Blueness of the sky, or mood
Creatures of our habits.

Rabbits eating flowers
Owls eating rabbits
Circle of life completed
Way beyond our limits.

Love doves wobble along
Mocking birds creating racket
Sing song and chatter go on
To woe, to whisk, or flatter.

Tiny turtles strut, tut
Lonesome, lost, or flattened,
In or out of water
Flourish or lament

Magnolias in bloom high up
Petunias making rabbits fatter
Marigolds, begonias, roses smile
Race of survival, all that matters.

Blue beagle and blue jay, music of life
Howling, barking, and chitter, chatter.
Blue is serene, calming to the soul,
Color of peace, cooling on the whole.

Cool Blue

Blue is soft
And it is deep
Blue is sad
That makes you weep

Blue is music
Blue is Jazz
Serene and lyrical
As is Topaz

It’s a great big canvas
From the sky to the sea
To splash all the colors
For all to see

Blue is the Beagle
Jazz is his name
If he wasn’t naughty
All beagles would be same

Powder or baby blue
Peacock or mid-night
Blue is beaUtiful
As hues on full moon night!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mothers' Legacy

He strived for stripes and stars
a bath of blood became his reward
all is not lost with him no more
spilled blood of his family knows no woe.

Like a tree, family branches spread thick and wide
just as the trunk, they stand together in stride 
the support helps branches dare to dream,
bear fruit, and flowers, and healthy leaves.

They dream together and aim for the sky
when a branch falls down, the dream stays alive
just like the roots, a mother keeps her family grounded
she is the core, her legacy keeps generations bounded.