Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ascending Valley - Part Two

Planets aligned, moon smiled, earth rolled over and she found herself married to her love. Together they started their humble beginnings, defying society, family, even her parents. Princess reduced her station in life as she toiled beside her husband to endure life’s daily challenges. She carried on each day with a smile and twinkle, even as she glanced at their honeymoon phase through the rearview mirror.
Subtly, gradually, she felt her feet hitting softer surfaces, her steps becoming wearier as she trudged day after day. She felt herself crumbling, sinking as if in a quick sand, a grain at a time. Romantic notions of marrying for love stared at her head on as a splash of cold water from a deep slumber. Reality was that she was princess no longer, no matter how hard Sunil strived in his own way, crudishly sweet as that may be. She had become a commoner, an equal partner of her husband, no longer the rose petal of her parents.
Then things got worse. He lost his job and her slogging increased. Her parents offered their cushions, raise her back to the status she deserved. She acquiesced, became their little princess again and they rejoiced. For a while, she lived with content, her role as wife and daughter, the sweet, innocent princess.
In time, without notice her parents’ role in her life increased. She had become their little girl again where Sunil had no place. The pull and tug began again where she felt herself stretched from ends, to the point of breaking apart. While her parents played games, Sunil retaliated. Aditi forgotten, the situation became a battle of wits. Her descent into the deepest part of the valley complete.
to be continued...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ascending Valley - Part One

The first time Aditi laid eyes on him, she felt herself falling.  She fell so hard and fast that she didn’t realize what had happened. Luckily, her fall was cushioned by six strong hands. And that was the beginning of it all.
Her love for Sunil was unacceptable. He was all wrong from every angle – cast, religion, class, profession, but as they say, love is blind. Love did not see all that society or her family expected and demanded of her rose-colored future.  Starry eyed she fell for him head, heels and the concrete ground. To make things more complex, his love for her was more than she ever thought anyone outside her parents were capable of giving her. It was quite a revelation.
A beautiful childhood, she expected nothing outside the comfort of her home. There she delved in full attention of her parents as the only child. Princess is what everyone called her and she lived in her glass castle, as a delicate, porcelain doll.  Showered by her parents’ love, spoiled with riches and travels she cherished her reality. She never even noticed the boundaries limiting her interactions outside their insulated circle.
The tiny apple that she was in their eyes grew to be bigger, brighter, beautiful, and the world noticed. Impressed with her charm and good breeding, the outside world enticed her, invited her to step out of her perfect, but limited existence. Content, princess in her palace, she remained with no aspirations to venture out or desire to experience a different life until, Sunil. Her perfect little castle began to show cracks, threatening to shatter her world that had been complete.

To Be Continued... 

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Poem inspired by another character taking form in my head for future novel.

She hears footsteps near
he hears sounds of sleep
her body fills with fear
he steps over her feet 

icy floor chills her bones
bed creaks as he retires
stiff as a corpse she remains
his snoring chords string higher. 

Behind closed eyelids, visions besiege her
his face in her space
she does a reverse pace
his hand bid embrace
she cringes under his disgrace
his fingers dig through her lace
her arm, blue and sore
he tightens his grasp
she cowers into a sphere
he kicks her rear
her mind disappears
as pain excessive to bear;
A new vision appears,
she sees wings fanned
she is unmanned
she flies
     beyond the blue expanse
           where sparkles ignite.
    Light and joy! 

Drone of snores cease
she prepares to appease
he saunters out the room
she braces for doom 

his bellow reaches her ears
she stumbles out and peers
he lay sprawled on the floor
she observed red pool by the door 

a spill, oily and sleek
his desire for floors so sheen
a misstep, an imbalance, a wobble
the iron bar, his head, he was not supple.