Saturday, October 24, 2015

Time Warp

Since the change, it’s been a feeling of being in a time warp, just like driving through a school zone suddenly decelerating to 20 mph during drop off and pickup times. From behind my wheel, I look to my right and my left at other drivers as if they were distant stars from a star trek episode, racing with me at warp speed. But that is an illusion as we all drift through in slow motion, impatiently gliding forward, intent on accelerating as soon as the road sign indicates, until the next school zone hits us, and the time warp wraps us in again.

Similarly, life here moves along at steady pace with daily, mundane routines of outdoors and the indoors, until suddenly, just like the drivers on these massive highways, the velocity of my life picks up and I find myself swerving around the labyrinths as visitors weave in and out, or I maneuver between vacations, entertaining, or putting out fires in the maintenance of the house. Fleetingly this stage subsides, spiraling down like the complicated off ramps onto the stop and go service roads with their U-turns and cross roads, before it comes to a halt and the time warp begins.

So is it this place with its shifty soil, too porous to hold anything with might? Its skeletons of houses and construction cranes dotting the skyline that is fast pacing the road to evolution, including the heat of the housing market with its surging prices igniting them into a hot air balloon? Then there is the gun toting, entitlement culture that adds fear to migrants, may they be from within the country or perhaps it’s the belief system that puts any non-believer on the defensive. Can one really put down roots here and be held firm in this culture?

There’s yes, the beautiful sunsets with magnificent, pinkish hues that splash against the clear blue sky, the performance of the black, parking lot birds lined up on transmission lines and suddenly pirouetting in flocks into a ballet as if to celebrate the closure of a beautiful day. The short uncomfortable months palatable in exchange of more temperate climate throughout the year adds to its allure. The coolness of the morning like a baby’s fresh breath, the serenade of the mocking birds, and the fragrances of the magnolias all add substance to each chapter of my new life here.

It may be this place or just the phase. Life is an evolution, a discovery as its new chapters unfold. Tomorrow it may not be this place or yet another phase in my chapters, my story will continue to move forward gathering memories, hording only the beautiful ones. It’s not the place or the phase but the cliché – a journey. It’s the experiences we learn from, the sounds and smells we pick up along the away, the new friendships and relationships we secure.

The view from within the time warp looking out is just as compelling as the view from outside looking in. Life suddenly gets a new perspective, from which we can take stock and move on, whether it's this place or beyond.