Thursday, June 23, 2016

Two Roads Diverged

Two roads diverged
I took the wrong one
Trudging on the uneven path
I pulled my weight along
Gps my sole guide
Lost, I found myself alone
One step at a time
I floated to the unknown
Unfolding with each turn
I learned I was not alone
Two shadows walked by my side
Holding up my form
A clear path lay ahead
Lined with roses and thorns
Holding tight their hands
Clutching my heart and soul
I ventured through this new way
Deeper into the world of lost
I swerved into strange new lands
My legs moving a tired ghost
Spying a dim, but flashing light
I picked up my pace and flow
I submitted to its beacon
to reach a call and goal
it was a light that burned bright
it was a beacon that lured all
it was an illusion that shines
to which on arrival we fall
I looked around me for the shadows
They stood as pillars, as before
My two strong shadows holding me
From a very long time ago
Light and beacon forgotten
I wanted none of that, no more
My two true spirits beside me
Brought my heart aglow
Two roads diverged
I took the wrong one, or I thought
Each path is laden
With roses and thorns
What matters is who’s beside you
There is no right or wrong.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Such beautiful words to live by and aspire to.

Life is a gift, granted without our consent. We are given this beautiful experience of being part of this world, on earth as an organic being. After we receive this beautiful present, it’s in our hands what we make of it. We can mold it into a memorable journey, build a beautiful legacy and live it to the fullest. Or we can live a life of delusion, disillusion, and desire to achieve nothing. A life unlived is a life wasted, as if it were spent behind an invisible fence, behind bars in captivity in absence of freedom.

Liberty allows us the freedom to be free, to choose to be who we are and what we seek to become. Liberty liberates us from our own soul, our inner inhibitions that control us with a tight fist, red knuckles and all. A free bird can soar high and achieve new heights. It allows love and beauty to flow freely from our hearts and soul that opens up the world toward being a peaceful place, harmonizes all beings and creates room for a life truly lived.

Happiness is not the ultimate as the evolutionary theory supports. It’s the pursuit of it that drives the human race forward. Our algorithm, our design stresses on desire and pursuit more than definitively achieving the ultimate goal, even if it is happiness. Day to day, year by year, we seek moments, things, people, places that provide us happiness, but it’s our journey towards that goal, that is the goal itself. We pursue and continue to chase even when we reach the end. The pursuit of happiness is happiness in itself and that is what builds and develops our journey in life.

Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is a good guideline for this journey we call life. The founding fathers of this great nation had great foresight to see these three simple words apply through the length and breadth of human history.