Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Beginnings

A rumble grew from the depth of the mountain belly and echoed through the forest.  Luminous water streaming down the mountain absorbed the rumble and carried it fluidly down to be immersed into the ocean.  The excursion was short and sweet as the echo skated over river rocks that had been smoothed to perfection over centuries of flow.  Journey of each element lucid, as energies mingled to offer allegiance to the salty air, reverberating lyrically, like a song rising high into blueness of the sky.

Music resounded in the forest where the hibiscus and orchids smiled, as butterflies danced around them and the Mocking birds chanted from a high branch.  It rang in ears of the frogs who croaked to the lizards, which slithered down to the army ants who marched it to the houses on the edge of the forest. The inhabitants on the coast absorbed the melody, before letting it immerse in the ocean to be soaked in with the sea creatures.  People danced on the soft sand and sang, with pride over their land and arrogance over their abundance, as they created more energy.  Charges ignited in the air that even the thunder gods began to pay attention.  Soft, white clouds shoved aside, darkness began to surround as rain-laden clouds hung over the island.
All creatures looked above and humbled, retreated to the sanctity of their abodes.  A torrent fell to the earth, cleansing the spirits, making way for fresh air and new beginnings.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Samsara - Conclusion

The bell chimed overhead as she walked in through the front door.  Heads buried in books all around, looked up to glare at a disheveled bag of bones enter the store.  The owner stepped up, shielding the distraught figure from stabbing eyes.  He guided her to the back room, sat her down on a chair, not far from the door she usually entered through.

She related her dilemma, between heaves and sobs.  He listened, offered his handkerchief and a glass of water.  He then reached out and put a strong hand over her head.

Soon she had a roof over her head, clean clothes and a full stomach.  Continuing odd jobs at the store, including shelving and other clerical tasks, she started school.  Every spare minute she spent in the aisles, her nose buried in history or classics.  Her benefactor mentored her through the intricacies of life, helping her grow until the day came when she headed out to college with her mentor’s help and blessings.

While her visions of the farm buried deeper within her, memories of her parents tucked in a special corner of her heart, prominent in her mind remained her gratitude to her mentor.  So it was not a surprise when she blew away a semester in her effort to be by his side in his time of need.  Her vision became blurred and her own life stood still the day she learned of his illness.  Last stages of cancer and no treatment recommended, she stood by his side, holding his hand for he had no one else.

With his last breath he made her promise.  Keep the vision alive! He pleaded.  As her tears escaped and flowed endlessly, her vision grew less blurred and she saw clearly at a future he had envisioned.

Armed with a degree and a bookstore to keep afloat, she blossomed over the years.  Three decades later, a familiar girl walked into the store.  Her cheeks sucked in, twinkle lost in her eyes she walked up to the counter to request a book.  A book she could not afford but needed to buy for her younger sister to stay in school.  Now a store owner, she gave the book for free and took the sisters under her wing…

Samsara – life is a full circle and our connections are beyond the earthly existence. The flow of our journeys is fluid and constant, ever evolving and revolving.

Friday, December 13, 2013

SAMSARA - Part One

She was alone in this world.  Not a soul to call her own.

Her parents had been farmers in their home country.  They toiled the soil with their young hands and worked hard until their stomachs growled louder and muscles throbbed longer.

Their own family perished in the famine.  Left alone on soil that won’t breed anymore they looked to the new world.  Their work-weary hands clutched together as they landed in their land of dreams, their eyes full of hope.

From shops to warehouses to factories, each family member labored day and night.  Three shared a closet in a crowded house in a bustling city.  Large chunk of their wages landed in their landlord’s pockets while they survived on bread alone.  Occasional dips in soupy broth added further nourishment.

First it was mother and her weakened lungs.  The dust on the factory consumed her until she could breathe no more.

Barely a year after her passing, father fell 20 feet.  The fall did not break him and he stood tall and strong.  The open wound from the fall went untreated.  First there was fever and shivers, then the seizures and the gibberish.  He spoke of mansions full of servants, bejeweled princess in her prettiest gown and a grand wedding with a charming prince.  They said he was delirious and it was his time.  She cried all night, with only her thread bare dress to wipe her tears.

She found herself alone on a footpath.  Caring hands over her head were all gone.  Roof over her head was taken away.  Through blurred vision she scanned the streets and blindly walked to the tiny store where she cleaned.

To Be Continued 

Thursday, December 5, 2013


The light shines up above
over and beyond
is it this world
in another realm?

A beacon of love
perfect but yon’
where I must be
in eternal glee

light shines encompassing all
hiding out all darkness
fluidly, lucidly,
placid, and oh so lovingly

my consciousness rises
to see beyond its veil
is it the metaphysical?
but oh so lyrical...

I have a need to be
floating in eternal bliss,
with no judgment or fear
feeling the presence of all those dear

connections remain
over many lifetimes,
in absence of death
or any kind of dread

time is a vacuum
in this open space
past, present, future,
peacefully azure

love flows like a river
with no direction,
beginning, or an end,
ever-present at every bend

a place that just IS
where I just BE
a place of LOVE
in the realm above.