Saturday, January 23, 2021

Thought of the Day

Humanity is splitting at its seams;

threads that keep us tethered to each other are unraveling, 

string by string.

A Few Haikus


Wind breathes a swift sigh

Leaves rustle to give applause

Birds bow in thanks



Bright blooms now bow down

Dull Frost nibbles edges

Spring or winter now?



As the phoenix burns

Fireflies twinkle in ether

Cool evening settles



Fifty-six today?

Just four more to go before

Expendable age



Stream music notes

Red maple leaves rustle

Helicopters buzz

Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020 – “You’re on Mute”

The of year of masking up, or irately prompting “you’re on mute” was the year when people in America spoke up, spoke out, and spoke their loudest.

An administration, personally responsible for deaths of over quarter of million Americans due to its negligence, narcissism and dereliction of duty will be moving out. An administration who spoke for white rights got kicked out by the louder v
oices from Black Lives Matter. An administration that objectified women and trampled on their rights was booted out by the MeToo ladies.

After all the masked citizens of the country showed up and did the right thing, the leader of this administration was muted by the highest court.

Finally, after four years of pretending to be an ostrich, many good human beings in this country can come up for air and breathe a little better, safely within the confines of their masks, six feet apart.

The journey ahead is long and partly even dark, which will lighten to gray, but at least we are marching towards the white light. The dark void is behind us. With leadership of empathetic and diverse individuals, the future state of the nation again has hope.

Even as we put 2020 behind us with all its dark memories, the movements must carry on.

MeToo’s must continue to educate and fight for the rights of women’s choice of what they can or cannot do with their bodies and that no means no.

 Black Lives do continue to Matter, and these cries need to remain loud and clear to drown out the millions of gun toting, white supremacists who still troll the streets of this country, or harbor racist and xenophobic sentiments under the guise of uniforms of protection and law enforcement.

The survivors of this pandemic need to keep shouting at the top of their strong lungs to never let the world forget those whose lungs gave out to this horrid virus. Lives lost must not be in vain.

While we continue to mask up and remind the zoom speakers “you’re on mute”, our voices are louder, our lungs are stronger, and hope is back so we can Breathe Freely!

Saturday, June 29, 2019


I recline into the chaise
to lounge into its space
my eyes blink to the glare
that winks from above
dark shades assist me
and I…relax…

A shadow lingers close,
gushing water echoes
a steely silence follows
then an ear-piercing screech

Masked face hovers
shiny tool he’s discovered
muffled voice orders
“open up!”

I say, “Aaah”, descends a face
metal against fangs
bitter, sour and coarse
my jaws remain open, but clenched

Alas, the ordeal is over
my mouth closes
my tongue snakes over the grit
the hollow now filled
My dentist removes his mask, smiles and says, “You’re done”.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Freedom - a definition

Freedom is absence of bondage, free of shackles tightly strung around the neck, hands and ankles. To be free is to breath without fear of persecution, of ex-communication, or of denunciation. To be free is to live without fear of death.

Bondage, however, comes in many types, sizes and forms. To be enslaved is not just what we read in historical accounts of the slave business, the cruel business of trading humans based on the color of their skin. Business that forcefully facilitated the movement and separation of so many souls, enforced changes in cultures, ending of uncountable lives and worst of all, torture of innocent living beings. Yes, slavery and bondage of innocent lives is the single most unforgivable historical account of human history.

Then history moves forward as it must, yet humans haven’t learned a thing from their actions of the past. Perhaps even refined their techniques and reasonings for taking away individuals’ freedom. May it be at a grand scale in terms of genocide or holding immigrants in a cruel fashion by taking away their children at the border, or the modern slavery trade known as human trafficking, especially of children and girls.

Then there are subtle bondages under the guise of custom, religion, caste, gender, ethnicity, age and even sexual orientation. Societies and cultures have seemingly evolved, but that is an illusion.
Evolution, by definition, is to move forward, develop from simple to more complex, which it feels like this should mean a higher mind. However, for humans that seems to have not happened, at least not in the time of recorded history. Forward it has not moved, but exactly the opposite it seems. Our brains may be getting more studied, but are minds are shrinking to a size even smaller than that of the beings of the animal kingdom. At least, those creatures only hunt when necessary, for food or defense, but humans not only hunt for pleasure, but also their own kind – another human being to enslave them.

Freedom takes various forms, comes in many sizes and can change lives, generations, cultures, countries. America was founded based on freedom and liberty for all. Oh, how far this great nation has come where so many have made home. The land of the free, it feels, is no more. Today we are in shackles unseen. We remain in bondage caused by fear and chaos of today’s climate, caused by greed and power, caused by the silence of those who refuse to speak up, and caused by the blindness of those who refuse to see the bigger picture of the greater good. Everyone in this great nation remains in bondage.

Countries evolve, world changes, but some things remain the same. However, my concern on the topic of freedom is beyond the external chains or confinement one person puts on the other. I delve deeply on the lack of liberties we allow our own selves and the lines of limits we draw around us. Freedom is a state of mind.

Should an American black person be afraid to drive for fear of being stopped by a policeman, should a legal immigrant be afraid to go out alone with limited language skills of their adopted country, or what about the elderly afraid to interact with strangers for fear of getting scammed and lose their nest egg? Fear is the creature that feeds on freedom, and keeps gnawing at it with its jarred teeth, time and time again. People put restraints on their own selves and the biggest study is women. They self-inflict servitude with submission to authority, in the name of religion, culture, social norms, reputation, or multitude other reasons. They don’t recognize, or opt not to fight, for their right to choose, think or act on their own accord. If the internal will to be free is not strong, their motivation not powerful, or even recognition of their oppression of rights, non-existent, then freedom is not to be had for such women.

For some women, marriage is a kind of bondage where they lead their lives under the oppression of their abusive husbands or in a joint family, their freedom is limited by the demands and expectations of the elders in the family unit. Girls and young women are restricted as soon as they are born in many countries and cultures. Their freedom of movement is limited in the guise of protecting their honor. Their choices of clothing, or mannerisms controlled lest a finger be pointed on their character. The social pressures lead to family adding pressure, resulting in an oppressed girl child who grows up to be afraid, diminutive, weak because that’s what she had been led to believe all her life. Thus, the young woman takes away her own freedom to live to her potential, puts her heart and mind in chains, submits to the authority of the male member in her family and is forever in servitude to another human being.

Oppression comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. There are chains we see and those that exist in our mind. It is the power within to rise above the oppressed to a limitless sky and become free!

Sunday, October 14, 2018


It is time and time again when civilizations develop, rise and then fall, either by their own undoing or external forces or both. This is part of the cyclical nature of the universe, our constellations guiding, but the motions are already in place from the time of the big bang. From the grand view or the minutest point, the cyclical motions carry on as if on a specific journey or a defined path.

So, is it written, or can our path be redefined, even though within a bound of the universal law of motion in a cyclical form?

I believe we can define our path, take the road left or right, but whichever choice we make does bring us to the destination we were meant to be.

A path is not always straight or followed according to plan. The best laid plans most always meander with missteps, detours, potholes. It is how we maneuver and overcome the diversions or challenges, the accidents and the unknowns, is what defines our destination. It is these deviations and how we deal with them is what brings us to where were meant to be in the end. How we stalwartly keep our eye on the summit and move onward taking each misstep and challenge in stride. We do ultimately end up where we were meant to be, just how and when we get there is defined by us, our actions, our attitude, and most of all our fortitude. 

The universe is based on laws of cyclical movements and what goes around does come around, whether it’s the paths we follow, the destinations we set for ourselves or our relationship with everything around us. We choose, and the universe nudges us forward, in stride, each step and misstep at a time. The key is motion, to not hesitate or falter, but to believe in your inner strength, and with determination, keep taking each deliberate step forward, one step at a time while staying aware of, and being respectful of, all that surrounds us in our periphery.

Plan for the best but prepare for the worst. All the planning gives us the confidence to move and to reach our destination quickly by the fastest route. It is important to have a plan, a line drawn around our perimeter to stay within. But that line, if rigid can choke us. Having a flexible mindset allows for working with the unknowns, the spin balls, or even possible calamities and still be able to move forward. We can define our own paths and our pace, but being respectful of things outside our control, to not be cocky and egotistical, but staying humble will help reach our destination in a calm, safe and fulfilling manner.
For some it may take longer and others shorter, but we all have our own journey and destination and we all get there somehow, somewhere, sometime. It’s all part of the grand plan of the universe and the natural laws of motions!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


She was happy
She was loved
She had comfort, that
She deserved

She had a life
She adored
She was respected, but
She was bored

She had a passion
She became unsure
She pursued it, and
She ran to the shore

She stood on the edge

She took the plunge

She fell on the rocks, and

She was she, no more.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

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Beyond Boundaries

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

LOVE Beyond Boundaries

Love is limitless, it crosses bounds, spreads its wings across landscapes, and soars to encompass all. 

Love adds beauty by moving, testing and crossing the lines that are defined. 

Love's bucket is never full, as it flows like a river over the rim, across borders, into new territories. 

Love gathers more beauty along the journey and carries them in its folds. 

Love is beauty that is boundless.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Beyond Boundaries Book Reading and Signing Highlights


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Monday, April 30, 2018

Buddhism and Modern Psychology - An Essay

Does Modern science lend support to Buddhist ideas about the human mind and to the logic behind Buddhist meditation practice?

Based on Modern science’s understanding, Natural Selection Design’s purpose for the continuation of the species does not care about happiness. Its basis is to create desire, greed, and agitation to be motivated to move forward. As a result of changes in the environment at a faster pace than the evolution of Natural Selection Design for the human species, more and more humans are looking for a scientific understanding as well as seeking a way to overcome our predicament.

Buddhism, a non-theistic religion, recognizes the foundation of Natural Selection Design and challenges it by using meditation, as a tool to seek happiness.  With its mindful meditation technique, Buddhism teaching helps train the mind to be calm and content in order to eliminate agitation and desire, which is the basis of the Natural Selection Design.

Buddhist teaching recognize suffering exists and clinging as the cause of suffering as its first two noble truths.  Scientists have identified a part of the brain as the Default Mode Network, which they have concluded is designed to take advantage of free time.  Through study of brain scans, there is evidence that when one starts to meditate, the Default Mode Network part of the brain becomes active by filling it with thoughts.  However, with continued meditation which works to quieten the mind, Default Mode Network eventually surrenders and becomes quiet. This results in detachment from thoughts and feelings and elimination of desire as the path to end suffering, a logic that has evidentiary support in modern psychology.

Another claim that Buddhist teaching make is the concept of the Not-Self. This doctrine rejects the existence of soul or in essence, the Self.  In fact, it claims the existence of five aggregates which make up who we are. It further claims that these five aggregates are permanent, and we cling to them which is the cause of our suffering. Using mindful meditation we can recognize the five aggregates as fluid and impermanent and learn to detach from them in order to be liberated. Buddhists claim that our mind’s eye is more than its limited vision that Natural Selection Design supplies, and it allows a meditator to see their thoughts without the thinker. The Self is then denied as an ultimate sense and only exists as an abstract, relative sense.

In modern psychology, based on the split-brain experiments specifically by Michael Gazzaniga, there was conclusive evidence that questioned the existence of consciousness and defined the existence of a sub-conscious. In these experiments, each hemisphere reacted separately when the connection between them was severed, one hemisphere buying into fabrication and creativity, while the other honing into the detail and literal truth.  These findings are in line with Buddhist teaching of the question of non-self.

The Buddhist claim that we are an illusion has evidence in modern evolutionary psychology in the Modular View of the Mind. The seven sub-selves identified by Douglas Kenrick in his book, “The Rational Animal” and further defined by Leda Cosmides, endorse the Buddhist claim of no one conscious, and that a specific module is triggered in our mind based on the environment. This view goes further to explain that the modules in our mind choose us by what we express based on a complex algorithm designed by Natural Selection. Furthermore, the psychologists have determined that the modules gain power with victory.  This is evident in the case of addiction, which is in line with the understanding of the Natural Selection Design to create motivation. As a result, mindful meditation is prescribed by psychologists to help one become aware of which module(s) is/are triggered and not allow them to become more aggressive. The practice quietens the Default Mode Network while observing the feelings without judgment. This allows us to let go of the sub-selves without clinging to any one of them, resulting in positive behavior as perceived by the environment.
Some may argue that Natural Selection is a constant drive towards achieving perfection, internal and external. However, while some may define perfection as gaining competitive advantage in furthering our species to new heights, others seek perfection in striving to eliminate suffering. While Modern psychology, through brain scans and experiments, has been able to describe and offer the truth about an unhappy mind, Buddhist teaching and tools have gone one step further by showing the way to find that happiness.

Both Buddhist teaching and scientific evidence lend themselves to accept that Natural Selection Design hasn’t kept up with the changes in the environment and that human species seek a deeper understanding of the mind.  Meditation, a practice ingrained in Buddhism since its inception as the means to a calm, content, and peaceful mind as a path to happiness has become the prescription of choice by modern psychologists for modern day psychological challenges of today’s human species.