Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Help! - Part One

Lena stormed out banging the door shut behind her.  Tears streaming down her cheeks, mingled with the salty air and whirled away into oblivion.  A strand from her disheveled hair swayed with the wild wind, veiling her eyes.  Her footsteps on the soft, slick sand quickly erased behind her by the efficient waves as they surged, nudged by the stronger gusts.

Lena marched on, blinded by her strand and determined to reach the far end of the beach to climb up the cluster of rocks and face the angry waves head on.  She gave no mind to the changes around her as she struggled to take control of the tempest within her.  Her anger had been justified, she kept telling herself.  He had no right to decide what she could not wear.  It was her body and she could choose how much or how little to wear.    She forged ahead brushing off white-tipped waves and clingy sand.  Light diminished and sparkles from the water disappeared as storm clouds began to roll in to cast a dark shadow over the island.

Placing one step after another, her feet dug into the wet sand, while the edges of her long skirt dripped from its close encounter with the constantly moving water.  Reaching the edge of the beach, she skipped over the gravely portion by placing her bare feet one big toe after the other until finally hopping onto the first big boulder of a cluster.  She leaped between rocks, skirted slippery moss, dodged the raging waves as they crashed and sprayed as if determined to soak her.  She climbed head on, challenging the seas, the rumbling sky, and the mighty rocks until a misstep, or perhaps it was not.  A piercing shriek evaporated in the ocean’s rage and thundering anger of the sky.
Sitting down on a solid rock, Lena held her left foot in her hand.  A sharp, rusty object partially stared at her, its other half inside her foot.  She screamed, unmindful of the ominous grayness around her that was gradually fusing into darkness.  Digging deep within her she found a morsel of strength and used it to pull the offending object out of her foot.  Her previous emotions forgotten, her differences with her man suddenly becoming insignificant, she slid back to the beach, rock by rock.  Hobbling on one foot she started her trek home.  Less than half-way up, her legs submitted to the wet sand as she crawled her way up the beach while the storm drew closer above and around her.  Flashes of lightening signaled her to move along, to rush home before the hungry waves start to gnaw at her and the vast ocean consumes her.  She dragged her injured foot, her trail of blood washed away by the over-efficient waves.
To be continued…

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Reflection of a wholesome smile

disappears in ripples

as a full moon sways with the waves

expansive blueness of the sky

blends with the corals

as the vibrant sun ignites the surface

reflection of sparkling water

acts as a giant, velvet blanket

covered in diamonds

until dark clouds cast shapeless shadows

to shroud all beauty into oblivion



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Arrangement - Conclusion

On the second meeting, they sat in the back of his parents’ Nissan as it drove through the bazaars, over the highways, out into the open countryside.  It stopped in front of a resort where they walked side by side on the manicured grounds.  Unaware of their surroundings, absorbed in conversation they ventured into a gated area with a small opening on its side.  Neither noticed the large sign warning everyone to keep out.  Climbing a short incline to the top of a grassy hill, they found themselves looking down to a magnificent view of the city below.  Arun suggested they sit for a while to admire the scene below and the girl happily complied as a slight blush began to appear on her delicate face.

Within a few moments of sitting there, they heard a commotion.  A few men came running towards them and demanded they leave immediately.  Confused, the two stood up and asked what was going on.  The men appeared frazzled and hurriedly herded them out of the gate and pointed the big sign.  They apologized for their mistake and assured them that they did no damage to the grounds, just sat to admire the beautiful view.  The men laughed and told them the reason for the enclosure.  Apparently, Arun had taken his new friend inside a tiger sanctuary and was so embarrassed and afraid that she might turn him down, since he was beginning to really like her.
Thankfully, the girl’s sense of humor exceeded his and her serene composure reassured him of his choice.  That evening he confirmed his feelings to his parents after talking it over with the girl.  It did not take long for the parents to get the formalities together, make the match official and set a wedding date.
While the days crawled for the official tying of the knot, Arun and his fiancé met every day. They went to the embassy for visa, to the market to shop, for long walks in the parks, making sure to see signs of no entry.
Couple of days before their wedding, as they walked along the shores on a sandy beach, he asked her what her favorite time of the day was.  Without hesitation she said morning.  He smiled and looking at her he told her that he felt the same - the sunrise so beautiful and the air clean and fresh and how he loved to see the world wake up before his eyes to a new day.  She shook her head and told him that her reason was more personal.  She loves to start her day with her full yoga routine and that’s what rejuvenates her day, her mind, her body, and her soul.  It’s not just a waking up but an awakening.
Arun smiled and proceeded to tell her about the yoga girl he used to see in the park below his parents’ apartment every morning. He stopped having his tea in the balcony so hadn’t seen her in a while, but yes he truly admired how disciplined she was.  Seeing her expression change he asked what the matter was and she asked, “You watched me?”
“That girl was you?” He cried and then went on to exclaim about the earring, “Of course!”  Apparently, his park was the closest to her home even it meant a 20 minute drive every morning.  They continued their walk, each realizing that this was meant to be, their meeting, his finding her earring and then the arrangement.  Neither knew who reached out first but their hands touched before their fingers involuntarily entwined.  Waves from the ocean rolled in to wash their feet as they walked hand in hand on the beach, two silhouettes against the backdrop of the setting sun.

The end