Friday, February 28, 2014


All alone in an empty house
The blustery day ensues
Gray clouds hover
Leaving me feeling blue

Snow drifts and waves
Bare branches wither
A freight train whistles
Icy wind just whips

So this is the culmination
Of 9 years of occupation
22 years of habitation
Of Minnesota-ization

All alone in an empty house
Where memories were made
With many firsts and many lasts
For love, it never failed

a ray of sunshine beams
offering perspective
from the warm room
as it reveals all prospective

the evergreens flash a smile
into my sunny room
there will be new memories
in a new place, a new home.

An empty house it is today
But voices of past echo
I capture them in my heart
And together, away we’ll go.

Monday, February 10, 2014


It is time
to say goodbye
to the Polar Vortex
the mountains of snow
black ice drama
lakes and parks we know

 It is time
to gather all around
our bittersweet memories
of walk from the hospital
from obscure surgery
or with our bundle of joy

It is time
to keep it all alive
joys at the museums
applause of the theatres
little kids’ dramas
broadways and concerts

It is time
to pack up
all of the memories
bottle up all the tears
carefully carry them along
look ahead sans fear 

It is time
to Up Root
our warm, humble nest
put the memories in boxes
nestle them in our hearts
             and Re-Root in Texas.

It is just a matter of time…
and friendships extend beyond time.