Monday, May 2, 2016

We Are Startdust!

We arrive alone and leave on our own. We are born, we live, and we die. After the time we enter this world and before we depart from it, a void exists with space that is empty. Our lives are compartmentalized, just like the skeletal layout of a new apartment building in mid-construction, we can see through only one square at a time, the vacant space within the square.

Looking closer into this space that we call empty, we can find a buzz of activity. There is movement within, in circular patterns forming a design we may call a crafted life, as if a spider weaving its web, or random darts of tiny beings in a flurry we may call the rat race, like dust specks in a disarray by the beam of a sunray.
Some prefer to carefully carve and structure their days, years, journey into equal parts, compartmentalizing each aspect so one may not cross the other. Professional connections remain at work while personal friends never meet colleagues. Ethnic friends don’t mix with neighborhood circle while girlfriends never meet husbands or guy friends are never introduced to wives. There is a pattern to the day to day activity with schedules, routines, daily objectives, life goals until their circle is complete. The ants march in a straight line in their structured form while bees design their intricate hives each following a grand plan, wishes of a higher power or merely their instinct.
Those running around as if chasing their tails dart through life or scurry along without aim, either hiding, hunting or to belong. They ride the wave with its high and low motion, towards or away from things, circular or in linear fashion, and then scatter in body, in mind, in spirit diverging to spaces away from our center.
Living by design or darting like the sperms blindly seeking an egg, structured or in a disarray, space and all life within it appears to be circular. From the egg to the chicken, there is no beginning or an end as the cycle continues endlessly, just as the rotating earth, the revolving moon, the rising and setting sun. But every circle has a center even as it endures its continuous motion with its constant whir of activity. That center is what the whirling dervishes seek as they find stillness in their motion and hope to unite the cells that make us, and the universe, whole. All space is full and empty, still and buzzing, timeless and transient.
It may not even be circular but infinity (∞), with waves of particles zip past within the figure eight, in a never-ending motion. We are in the universe and the universe is within us and we as human beings are simply zipping through life in this space-less, timeless, ethereal form. We are here to use this empty space to its fullest between our birth and death, and make every cell charged and dynamic, and sparkle like the stars we see at night. We are stardust after all!