Monday, July 22, 2013

What I learned from TREKKING in the Himalayas

Each step is mindful… one at a time
Each step is surpriseful… majestic view or steep climb

Lyrical streams add music… flowing peacefully beside
sometimes hindering paths… defying strides to be traversed

Often there is bridge… or merely a branch…
Or slippery rocks under strong currents to wade or trudge

there may be a helping hand… along sharp turns,
a sturdy boulder for support or just the two legs that burn

trekking is not just a walk or even a climb,
not a journey to reach the top just to be sublime,

trekking is a reminder… of our perseverance
our resolve to trek on forward… barring all impediment,
cue to breathe
to absorb... all the scenes
to experience it fully... at every pace,

Trekking is...
an experience,
a lesson
on how to truly be alive! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Monsoons and Mangoes

Parched earth drinks in first showers with a sigh

fusing with powerful aroma of mangoes

sharp drops drum car-tops

to accompany the birds’ chorus,

pink, bougainvillea flowers smile as luscious green leaves applaud

to the musical performance,

mango variety morph from Safeda to Chausa to Langda

each equally delightful in flavor and fragrance,

pearly white teeth sink into fruit

sweet, luscious, color of scorching sun

fresh showers wash the sweet mud

off the sizzling earth,

fragrance of mangoes and monsoon

mingle into sweet memories

to last a lifetime of music to the soul.


Thursday, July 4, 2013


Patthron ko paseena kyon aata hai?

Kya humse dar ke sharmaatta hai?

Naher ki laherein itni jaldi mein kyon hain?

Hari bhari nadi se milan ke liye?


Neela aasmaan itna muskaraata kyon hai ?

Pahaddon ki choti ka mazaak uddata hai?

Insaanon ko nazaaron se ashchariya kyon hota hai?

Apni hukoomat ko kya khoob samajh ta hai?


Pattharon ko paseena kyon aata hai?

Woh paseena nahin insaanon ke liye aansoon hain!