Friday, December 19, 2014


The rock stood sturdy and strong, watching the waves flowing toward him.  His memory was strong and long dating back thousands of years from the time when he was submerged, nestled in the sanctity of the seas.  From a grain of sand to a smooth pebble on the soft bed, he danced to the tune of the currents gradually nudged to the shore.  The music of the waves swayed him further to befriend more grains and merge with the sand.  Centuries spanned as the pebble grew to a rock morphing to a boulder while the waters receded.  Exposed and bare, he grew and found a footing to stay grounded.  The waves tormented, crashed on its sides, taunted him with sleek, venomous clutches and left traces of slippery mossy parasites behind.  The rock stood firm and let the raging seas mock him.  He looked out with pride at the ground he stood, withstood the torments of the waves, keeping alive the memories of when he was insignificant and shielded by the waters.  The world around him changed, but he had stood strong and rooted. Buried deep inside him, encased into his heart the relic of raw past of plants, creatures, minerals. Its memory was as raw as the day he had been born, every mineral, each element honoring all the things past, submerged or forgotten.


Friday, December 12, 2014

I Meta Phor a reason...

Red River

A red river rushing,
gushing down mountain
leading the way
into downtown

raging forward,
it makes its own path
flow not so gentle
it steams like a hearth

reaching a plateau
in the middle of town
pool of sizzling red
drown all moaning sound

flow is steady
determined to make a path
gentle it swerves
snubbing the mountain’s wrath…
into the ocean’s depth.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ascending Valley - Conclusion

A particularly gray morning, Aditi woke with a start. She jumped out of bed unsure of what caused this stirring within her. A silhouette of a dream hovered in the shadows and she tried to recall it’s scene as she sat on the side of her bed. An image began to form, and as she fixed her mind to it she saw her face taking shape.  It was her face, but different, more serene, determined, intensified.
Aditi started her day as usual with gym, cooking for the day before heading out to work. Nothing had changed at the office, the phones continued their buzz persistently, her staff attended professionally and deferred complex issues to her, and her father in his office managing the accounts. Before she could grab a cup of coffee, the first crisis of the day was already knocking on her door. A customer package had not arrived and as she researched she learned that the customer had supplied the wrong address. The warehouse needed to be contacted to resend at the correct address.
She had started this ecommerce business from the ground up building it to reach its most profitable year ever. She oversaw the day to day operation making herself available at all odd hours, while managing everything from the front office to the back office and everything in between. As her parents had helped her with the initial financing, they managed the money. Their hold on her changed from the glass castle to her job.  A job that was more to her than anything else. It was her baby that she had given birth to, built from ground up, and nourished it into a healthy life. She reveled in the joy of pleasing her parents, accomplished beyond their or her own expectation. Every day she walked into the office hoping this would be the day her parents will pat her on the back and say, “Well done! We’re so proud of you.” Every day she was disappointed.
She shared her distress with Sunil and he advised her to withdraw from the company. He had a job and he could provide for them. But how could she tell him that it had become more than a salary or any comforts this additional income could provide. This company had become her core, a part of who she was. It had helped her find herself. It had ascended her out of the valley, helped her climb the steep mountain to reach its peak. She was not a princess anymore, but a hardworking, smart business woman who was her own person who will not be pulled or tugged. 

The end