Monday, February 13, 2017


I have a friend from Holmes
who misses desperately her home
the one she played in as a child
where she endured seasons, wild and mild

Her home there is still warm,
with her mother, sisters in each other’s arms,
while devastation around them befalls,
houses, homes, humans crumble and collapse

My friend from Holmes left all behind
her heart and even her peace of mind
she lives here with comfort and love
her memories torment, she must evolve

New language, culture and religion
far, far from home in a new region
her husband’s love is not enough
her soul weeps beneath her laugh

Her home here is a mansion
with all the comfort of this nation
it has four walls and a roof
from her family she is aloof

This foreign land is now her home
but unwelcomed here feels my friend from Holmes
Fear and division drive her mad
loneliness and seclusion make her sad.

Oh my dearest friend so far from your land
We've all here come from afar, take my hand
I offer you my love and friendship
we are sisters in this new kinship.

I will cry your tears
I will drive away your fears
Don’t give up this fight
Preserve, prevail with all your might!